Apply This Technique To Enhance The Sound Of Your Voice

vocal technique Feb 23, 2023

Apply This Technique To Enhance The Sound Of Your Voice

Let's talk about: A vocal technique that you can use to improve the color of your singing voice and fall in love with it once more. Let's begin!


It’s common for singers to dislike the sound of their voices. In fact, many aspiring singers believe there is nothing they can do to change it. They believe that their voice is all there is to it.


Common mistakes of beginner singers

Today, you'll discover that's not quite accurate! A lot of beginning singers are reluctant to record themselves, but it's crucial to do so in order to hear how your voice sounds and what you want to improve.  It takes a long time to really get used to hearing your own voice but you have to so you can hear what needs improvement.

Another error that many beginning singers make is listening to their favorite singers and attempting to mimic their vocal style. You can learn to sing in that way, but it's not the most efficient method.

As you stop making these mistakes, you'll gradually move on to the world of a trained singer with vocal freedom. A trained singer can adjust the vocal colors to express the emotions of the songs deeply. A trained singer will know which singing techniques to use to be able to control the voice in the way that he or she wants.


How to achieve Vocal Freedom

1. Becoming conscious of the restrictive ideas you might hold about your sound.

As I previously mentioned, many beginning singers believe that their voice is fixed and unchangeable. If you continue to think that you cannot alter the color of your voice, then then we cannot move forward.

2. Becoming conscious of your larynx's position and play with it. The larynx is the Adam's apple for men. If you start with your finger just under your chin and slide it all the way down, you should feel a small bump.

If you try to do a big yawn or laugh like a witch, you should feel that the larynx is moving. The larynx's position can be changed and you can control its direction. When you raise your larynx, your sound will become brighter; as you lower it, the sound will become darker.


Let’s do an experiment!

Let’s try singing Alicia Keys’ song, “Fallin’”

"I keep on fallin' in and out

Of love with you

I never loved someone

The way that I love you"


Try singing the chorus and placing your finger on your larynx and just feel what happens. Is it going up, going down, or is it staying the same in the same place?

Try singing the song with a yawn and try to keep the larynx very low. Your sound will be much warmer and darker. Now, try singing the song and keep the larynx high. Do you sound brighter? Happier?

Start with the low layerings then go up. Pay attention to any other colors that come along the way. You'll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with your vocal color and you can begin to create the sound you'll start to love.

This exercise is challenging so take your time if you're still getting the hang of it. Give this new technique some time to sink in.


3. Add different vocal techniques. You can bite, cry, and twang. All of these things will also help you craft that vocal color.

Play around with the layerings and see what other methods and colors you can find inside that gray space. Let me know how everything is working out for you. I can't wait to hear about your experience with that!


Warm up your voice.

Before you go and practice what you’ve learned today, I’d love to encourage you to warm up.  Good vocal training starts with a good vocal warm-up!

I created a warm-up for you and you can download this for free. You can warm up your voice in a healthy way by following the step-by-step instructions in the MP3 and PDF. Download it here: 


Thank you again for being here! See you again next week!