How To Deal With Procrastination - with Dr. Christine Li

inspiration podcast Mar 16, 2023

What is Procrastination and How to Deal with it? - with Dr. Christine Li

Have you ever sat down to finish an important task only to find that you were suddenly doing a different thing? Or perhaps you start with your singing practice and you suddenly put it off to the next day? Next thing you know, you find yourself being in that loop of putting things off and the task remains unfinished.

You are not alone! We have all struggled with procrastination at some point or another.

As a vocal coach, it is an honor to hear and learn from a Procrastination Coach who knows how to bring out the best skills and energy from within you, so you can confidently focus on your plans and priorities and accomplish your big singing goals!

I would like to share this with you so that you can find the guidance and relief you might have been hoping for.

In today's episode, Dr. Christine Li, a licensed clinical psychologist who works with procrastinators, will help us explore the topic of procrastination, what it means, the numerous sorts and causes, and some top tips on how to avoid it.

She has her own podcast, the Make Time for Success podcast and she is here to help us find our creativity, confidence, and calm again.

Christine has been very generous as well because she even has a little gift for you! Click this link to receive your free gift!

This episode is jam-packed with invaluable guidance, pointers, and strategies. You will hear Dr. Christine’s responses to:

  • What is procrastination? (05:57)
  • What are the symptoms brought by procrastination? (07:09)
  • What are the tips or advice that you would give to singers who put off their vocal practice? (09:35)
  • What approach do you take to aiding those who struggle with procrastination? (12:22)
  • What is the S.M.A.C.K. process and how can this help you throughout your singing journey? 
  • What steps Christine has taken in her personal life to make everything go so smoothly? (30:36)


Are you inspired by Dr. Christine’s invaluable guidance. Do you have a question that you absolutely want to ask her? Feel free to send her a message on Facebook or Instagram. She will answer you with great pleasure! You can also listen to her podcast, Make Time for Success.

Before you go and practice what you’ve learned today, I’d love to encourage you to warm up.  Good vocal training starts with a good vocal warm-up! Warm up your voice in a healthy way by following these free step-by-step instructions that I provided.


Thank you again for being here! See you again next week!