My Daily Vocal Warm Up Routine

vocal technique Mar 30, 2023

 In this unique episode, I would love to share a fantastic online event that we had called the Confident Singer Bootcamp. A lot of passionate singers posted their songs in our private community, asked for feedback, and got results by changing one thing in their vocal technique.

In this episode, I’d love to share a little piece of it with you. If you want to be part of the next Confident Singer Bootcamp, sign up for the waitlist here to be the first one notified: 


Your Daily Vocal Warm Up

My daily warm up routine consist of 5 different phases. I'd recommend you watch the video or listen to the podcast that goes along this blog post so that you can easily follow along.

Phase 1: physical warm up

Before warming up your vocal cords, it's important to warm up your body too. 

Phase 2: SOVT exercises

SOVT stands for Semi Occluded Vocal Tract. This is a big fancy word that basically tells you to sing with back pressure. Sounds like "brrrr" (lip trils), "sssssh" or "vvvv" are good to use here.

Phase 3: warm up tongue + open up the sound to vowels

The next exercise is saying Li Li La Li Lo Lu Le repeatedly. Say it slowly, then say it faster. This exercise wakes up our tongues. 

Phase 3: tongue twisters!

Let's have some fun warming up our tongue, vocal cords AND brains!

Some fun tongue twisters include:

  • Unique, New York. New York, Unique
  • She sells sea shells
  • Red lorry, yellow lorry

Quite challenging, right?


Here’s a lovely gift for you!

Before you dive into your singing practice, it is vital to warm up your voice. Click here to download my step-by-step vocal warm-up guide for free! 


Thank you again for being with me, and I’ll see you again next week!