Repertoire To Fast-Track Your Growth As A Singer

inspiration Jan 19, 2023

Let's talk about: Which repertoire you can use to fast-track your growth as a singer. Here we go!


Common mistakes that beginner singers make

Most beginner singers believe that their voice is limited to only one genre of music. However, it is important to understand that their voices can be adaptable to different styles of music.

By exploring different genres and learning that you can adjust your vocal colors, you can expand your range and fast-track your growth as a singer.

Another mistake that beginner singers do is choosing songs without understanding that the key of a song can be adjusted to match their range.

Once you have a better understanding of how to adjust the keys that will suit your voice, then you will be able to identify which songs will challenge you and push your boundaries. You can also pinpoint which songs to use for a concert or a performance.


How to build a list of repertoire that will fast-track your growth and push you out of your comfort zone?

Trained singers build a list of songs that challenges and pushes their boundaries, as well as a list of fun, safe, and comfortable songs to practice.

How do we build this list?


1. Start by listening to songs you like

2. Make a list of songs you want to learn and the reason why you’d love to learn them.

3. Evaluate your singing goals and ask yourself: “What do I need to bring me closer to my singing goals?

4. Choose a song that aligns with your goals and keep focusing on it.

By slowly building your repertoire and expanding your knowledge, you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and achieve greater growth!


Here’s a little gift for you

Remember to warm up your voice before working on your repertoire.

Being a trained singer, means training your voice. A good vocal training starts with a good vocal warm up! Click here to download my free vocal warm up routine to get started.

Thank you for spending your time with me again, and I look forward to seeing you again next week!