Singing High Notes Without Straining

vocal technique Mar 09, 2023

Today, let’s discover how you can sing powerful high notes without any tension or straining!

A common mistake of beginner singers

One common mistake that beginner singers frequently make whenever they try to sing powerful high notes is being unaware that they have multiple registers! They are unaware of having a chest voice, head voice, or a mix voice. As a result, they may not transition between these registers and it causes the voice to become extremely tense and hoarse when singing those high notes.


What are the different voice registers and how do we transition between them?

Let’s review the Four Pillars of the Sing Your (Self) To Freedom Formula:

1. Mindset

2. Vocal technique

3. Connection

4. Creativity

Today we explore the vocal technique pillar. Let's see how we can mix the power of the chest voice and the flexibility of the head voice. First it's important to understand the difference between chest voice and head voice.

When we are singing in the chest voice, the chest voice muscle (thyroarytenoid muscle) gets activated.

When we are singing in the head voice, we are activating our head voice muscle (cricothyroid muscle). The magic happens when we can bring those two together!


Let’s practice!

Do a big loud ‘Ma’. Sing it using the chest voice repeatedly and feel your chest vibrate.

Now, do a loud ‘Woohoo’. Sing it dramatically using your head voice. It's possible that your head voice at this time doesn't sound the way you'd like it to, and that's entirely fine. The stronger the head voice muscle gets with more practice, the louder, clearer, and more powerful your head voice sound will be.

This time, switch between head and chest voice. This is one of the most tedious exercises I am aware of, but it is also the most effective. This is where the magic happens! This is where the mix between head and chest will come together.

I’d love to encourage you to do this exercise every day. The more often you do so, the more your vocal muscles will remember.


Here’s a lovely gift for you!

Now before you dive into your singing practice, it is vital to warm up your voice. Click here to download my step-by-step vocal warm-up guide for free! 

Thank you again for being with me, and I’ll see you again next week!