Is Singing Just A Hobby?

mindset Mar 02, 2023

 A lot of singers think that singing is just a hobby for them. If you are like others who think singing is only a hobby for you, then spending your time, effort, and money on it might just be a waste.

But why do we tend to think that singing is just a hobby? It’s because singing is not something that we need to learn to survive in our daily life. Singing is labeled as a hobby, something that you can learn as an extra skill but is not really mandatory. But is it true that singing is really just a hobby?

You may have started singing because you find it as an outlet to express your creativity and emotion, or you think it is fun and relaxing, or you are just passionate about it.

If you believe that singing is just a hobby, it is possible that you will keep experiencing self-doubts, worries, or fear of not being good enough when singing.


What can you do to change this idea?

1. Think of singing as a way to experience freedom, as a method to work on your mental health, and as a way to help develop your confidence and identity as a singer.

2. Acknowledge that other people may have opinions or comments about you, and by being aware of this, you can work on your singing and how to handle criticism. If you think of singing like this, you may find yourself applying this idea in your daily life.

You get greater vocal confidence as your voice technique improves. Your confidence will carry over into your daily life as it increases with your singing ability.

It is responsible to invest time, money, and energy in singing if you no longer view it as a hobby but as a requirement to further your personal development.

Are you still convinced that your hobby is costing you money, time, and effort? Or do you wish to improve yourself so that you are more self-confident? Love yourself again by doing what you love the most, which is singing.


Let’s have an exercise for you this week!

Create a journal and write down the following:

What are other benefits of singing that you experience in your daily life?

What does singing mean to you?

How important singing is to you?

How does it manifest in your daily life?

You can use this as an opportunity to make yourself aware of them and to help keep you motivated and committed to practicing your singing.

Now before you dive into your singing practice, it is vital to warm up your voice. To help with warming up your voice, you can download my step by step vocal warm up guide for free!

Thank you so much for being with me, and I’ll see you again next week!