The 4 Phases To Vocal Mastery

vocal technique Feb 02, 2023

 Are you a beginner singer struggling to overcome singing problems? If you’re looking to up your singing game, read on to learn how these vocal techniques that can help you achieve your vocal freedom. Here we go!

Vocal Freedom

Vocal Freedom is being able to sing whatever you want to sing without any tension freely. It is being able to sing beautifully and effortlessly.

Most beginner singers tend to make certain mistakes. It’s important for you to be aware of them so you can avoid them. 

Common mistakes of beginner singers


  1. Pushing on the voice.  When you sing with too much tension, it’s difficult to produce a beautiful sound.

  2. Not being mindful of the different registers that we have as a singer. 


Making mistakes is an unavoidable part of your development. You just have to be mindful enough to notice them first! Mindfulness has a truly amazing impact on being a singer as it will open us up to a whole new world of trained singers!

Once you become more self-aware, you will begin to experience vocal freedom. You become more aware of different registers and your muscle memory will help you transition from one register to another effortlessly and smoothly.


4 Phases to help you achieve Vocal Freedom

1. Learning the foundations of vocal techniques: breathing

Proper breathing and breath support is the foundation of good singing. Did you know that 90% of the time people that struggle with tension when singing, the problem is actually their breath support? 


2. Being mindful and aware of different registers

It is essential that you can sing all the different registers and use them to your advantage. Especially transitioning between those registers is key!


3. Play with your vocal color

Learn how to vary your vocal style and color in order to interpret your song the way you want it to sound. Love the color of your voice!


4. Learn the more extreme vocal techniques

This is the cherry on top of your singing ability. It builds the story of your song and makes your audience lose themselves in your song that much more deeply.


Going through these 4 phases will help you achieve vocal freedom and reach your fullest potential!


Here’s a lovely gift for you

Always remember that it is important to start your practice with a vocal warm-up. When you consistently exercise your voice, you build upon your abilities. Click here to download my free vocal warm up routine to get started.


Thank you for spending your time with me again, and I look forward to seeing you again next week!